Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to connect a DVD player to a Sanyo TV

Sanyo televisions have RCA connectors on the rear panel for connecting external audio / video such as VCRs and DVD players. Some models have up to three types of audio / video jacks to connect multiple components, such as two or more DVD players, game consoles, or a combination of devices. All the same route, contact. Sanyo Remote can be used to quickly switch from one component to another using the input function.

Step 1 Disconnect Sanyo TV and DVD player in the industry.

Step 2 is to use ports in the back of Check Sanyo to determine which type of cable. If the available ports are color-coded yellow, white and blue, the TV using an RCA composite cable. If catches are green, red and blue, with a pair of red and white wire, then the Sanyo is using the component video cable.

Step 3 Follow color codes on the back of Sanyo, connect the red, blue on blue and green, to catch the component video input, then connect the white wire and red on the capture left and right audio input on your TV Sanyo. Composite cables must be with the yellow video plug connector and connect the red and white for audio left and right.

Step 4 Connect opposite end of the cable to the corresponding connectors on the back of the DVD player.

Step 5 Connect grip for the Sanyo DVD player and a range of protection against power surges and taking the group to an electrical outlet.

Step 6 Turn on the device and press the button on the remote until the screen Sanyo DVD player is displayed on the main screen TV.

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